80 Year Sentence In Narramore Case

An 80 years sentence was given to a defendant in an Upshur county murder case Thursday night. A jury had to decide if Scott Narramore was guilty of the murder of Joe Nicklebur, and if so, what punishment he deserved.

The story begins in April of last year. When investigators found a body, decapitated and burning in a ditch on Cherokee trace road near Gilmer.  Three men were charged in the killing. One of them, "Jason Baughman", testified against the other two for a reduced sentence. He said brothers, Jeremy and Scott Narramore, beat Nickelbur unconscious and "beheaded" him. Jeremy was convicted of the murder in August and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

For the last two days, prosecutors attempted to paint Scott Narramore as a key figure in the beating and beheading of Nicklebur.  "In his statement there's not one bit of compassion, in his statement there's not one bit of regret, he was hard uncaring , unapologetic, he was merciless, get rid of the body" said Upshur County District Attorney Mike Fetters.

Then, Thursday afternoon, a 3 and a half hour wait for a verdict. Finally, the jury found Narramore guilty. "It kind of made me nervous for a minute but apparently they took time for a good reason, at least they found him guilty" said Joe Nickleburs sister Joyce Spencer.

Then Scott Narramore's sentence came down; eighty years in prison, 70 more than his brother received.

"I feel justice was done i think the jury really followed the law and used common sense and came up with the right verdict, 3 very bad guys have been taken off the street and this was a good thing today" said Upshur county lead investigator in the case detective Roxanne Warren.

And for the victim's family, it may finally be over.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com