Smith County Judges Weigh In On Courthouse Plans

With about two months before the courthouse renovation project was set to begin, Smith County judges ask for the plan to be reconsidered. During their monthly meeting today, the judges got to see the phasing plans of the courthouse project. The judges voiced their concern over the amount of time and money being spent on a project they feel does not make the courthouse more secure.

"My motion was merely to ask the commissioners court to not go forward with this remodeling schedule, that they have scheduled to start immediately with the finance and scheduling and spend two-and-a-half years and five-million dollars to remodel the courthouse and not meet the needs of the comunity," said Judge Cynthia Kent, the 114th State District Court.

Commissioner David Stein says he plans to have individual conversations with the judges and talk about some of the solutions they agree on to move forward with this process.

Oralia Ortega, reporting.