Gilmer Murder Trial Enters Second Day

The second of three men accused of killing an East Texas man in April of 2004 was on trial today. Scott Narramore, the second of two brothers involved, is charged in the beating and stabbing death of Joe Carroll Nickelbur. The second day of testimony had relatives of victim less than optimistic that this trial would end with any more justice than the first.

"My uncle lost his life for nothing and 10 years, justice is not being served. I don't expect much out of the next one. I'm not happy about it at all," said Nicklebur's nephew Greg Nickelbur.

Jeremy Narramore, who faced trial for the murder last August, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Now, it was his brother Scott's turn to stand trial. Numerous forensic experts testified to physical evidence linking Scott to the murder. A witness told of how the Narramore brothers and another man, Jason Baughman, had were looking to borrow a machete. Key testimony came from Baughman, already jailed after plea bargaining for a lesser charge for his part in the crime. He told of how they calmly decided what to do with the victim.

"Scott made a comment of getting rid of him of dumping him off, but it was pretty much all of us who decided to," said Baughman.

"Life without parole for all three of them is not justice at all, I'd like to see them all fry personally," Greg Nickelbur said.

One family member was ejected from the courtroom after showing disgust with proceedings.

The defense will begin to present its case tomorrow.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.