Another TXU Customer Disputes Estimated Bill Policy

Hearing about one TXU customer's nightmare story of receiving a $745 bill, Ginger Jeansonne says she immediately looked up her own. "That's when I got online the next day to look at mine and it scared me to death!," says Ginger. The bill balance was a grand total of $1,426.86. Naturally, she contacted TXU for an explanation. "Their response back to me was that they billed me wrong since February over the last 6 or 7 months. That's when I contacted [KLTV]!" TXU claims in the February, March, April, May and June billing periods it was unable to read Ginger's meter. It got an actual reading on August 18, and TXU now says she consumed more 9600 kwh over the course of those months. "My biggest problem is that I wasn't contacted. I should have been contacted back in February or March or April when they couldn't read it!," exclaims Ginger. We contacted the Public Utility Commission of Texas which regulates electric providers. It says TXU is allowed to issue estimated bills, it's usually noted on the left side of your statement. But TXU must inform the customer of the reason for issuing the estimated bill. Ginger Jeansonne says that never happened. "To go back to February and tell me that I've been rebilled wrong for the last 8 months that's crazy." While Ginger says she is not disputing her kwh usage, what is up for debate is how TXU has handled her account over the last several months. 
We received TXU's response about Ginger Jeansonne's account. The company is now saying there may be a mistake on the billing and will be contacting her to resolve it. As far as if her customer rights were violated, TXU says the electric utility should have sent a postcard saying readers could not access her meter.

Christine Nelson reporting.