Non-Profits Unite And Get Ready For Upcoming Funders Forum

Since the hurricanes hit, non-profit organizations are needing more support outside the community than ever before. One group named the Circle of Ten will hold a Funders Forum for non- profit organizations, giving them the opportunity to meet with other agencies wanting to help. Many organizations say they will be there this year. Generations Together is non-profit organization that provides daycare for all ages.

"We work with kids from six weeks old to 96," said Tom King, Executive Director. "In our senior program we work with people with age related disabilities, Alzheimer, strokes the whole nine yards." It costs about a third of what a nursing home would as well, but right now, the children are in one building, and the adults are in another. That's why Generations Together is in the process of renovating an old church, which is a million dollar project. For King, that's why the funders forum is so important.

"Non-profits get out there and think we are the only one in the world that cares about what we care about or who we care about," said King. "When you go to something like this you find out that not only are there other people that care about it and want to help you with it, but a lot of times you find out that there is somebody that will pay for it."

The East Texas Crisis Center says, the forum could not come at a better time.

"So many people are responding to the needs that are on a national level, the hurricane relief funds and so naturally a lot of giving is going in that direction, but it leaves us here in Tyler really scrambling to make ends meet," said Lana Peacock, Executive Director. The crisis center says it received a $450,000.00 grant from an agency it met at a forum, and it also learned grant writing techniques.

"You're there to listen and to gather information and by all means take notes, so that you can go back and try to implement what you learned," said Peacock. The Funders Forum is about a week away. It's next Thursday, October 20th at the Tyler Rose Garden Center. If you want to attend you must register by calling Circle of Ten at 903-541-0013.

Molly Reuter, reporting.