Train Hijacking By Bow And Arrow

Authorities in Montclair are investigating an apparent train hijacking by a man with a bow and arrow. The engineering conductor got out of the engine safely,  while the bow and arrow carrying suspect was inside trying to get it to move.

The engineer pushed the kill switch on the locomotive, so when Montclair police arrived, the suspect was ordered to get out. When he finally did, he did not put down his bow and arrow. Police ordered him several times to drop the bow and arrow. He refused. Then he pulled the arrow back, pointed towards the officers. That is when officers fired.

As investigators continue to gather evidence, the issue of rail security was brought up. Don Carroll is the local head of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Rrainment for Union Pacific Railroad. He says what happened last night is rare, but it shows in his words the vulnerability of the train tracks and how easy it can be for someone to board a locomotive. "There's been no money spent that we know of in regards to making the railroads more secure, keeping terrorists or what have you away from these trains, and this is a perfect example of how somebody can board a train without or knowledge and we're just lucky in this incident that there was no danger happening."

Now, the suspect has been identified, and is believed to be a transient from Pomona. He suffered two gunshot wounds to his left arm. He was treated and released from a local hospital. He has been booked on train robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest.