Death Toll Soars from Deadly Quake

Survivors of the weekend's deadly earthquake in South Asia waded through mountains of rubble for survivors, food and clean water today. With a soaring death toll topping 30,000, aide groups and the international community quickly responded to calls for assistance.

But with much of the quake zone virtually inaccessible and bad weather impeding, help was slow reaching the most affected areas.

In New York, a Pakistani representative to the United Nations thanked the international community for its offers of help. The earthquake that hit Pakistan on October 8th and has caused tremendous loss of life and damage to infrastructure. The extent of the damage is still unfolding as the rescue reach out to remote, inaccessible, mountainous regions.

"On behalf of the government of Pakistan, I thank you Mr. President, and all the governments represented here, for your kind words of sympathy and generous offers of assistance in this hour of national tragedy."

Many governments, international and non-governmental organizations and U.N. agencies have offered to help. The government of Pakistan appreciates and welcomes the assistance.

The United States is making an initial aid contribution of $50 million  for relief and reconstruction. The U.S. has also moved eight military helicopters from Afghanistan to Pakistan to deliver teams and relief supplies to hard-to-reach areas.