Aid Flights Arrive In Quake-Shattered Pakistan

International aid is flowing into Pakistan following the killer earthquake over the weekend. The first American plane with relief supplies arrived at an air base near the Pakistani capital, Islamabad. Planes also arrived from Turkey, Britain, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. And Russia, China and Germany have offered assistance. U-S forces in Afghanistan are sending five Chinook transport helicopters and three Blackhawk helicopters to Pakistan to help ferry relief supplies.

Estimates of the number of dead in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan range from 20,000 to more than 30,000. Rescuers are using sledgehammers to break through rubble in search of survivors. In the capital of Pakistan's portion of divided Kashmir, shopkeepers have clashed with people trying to break into businesses in search of food and water.

The 7.6-magnitude quake on Saturday morning was felt across South Asia, from central Afghanistan to western Bangladesh, shaking three nations