Cowboys Dominate In Big Win Over Eagles

For the Cowboys, it was just one of those days, beginning with the opening drive. Terry Glenn for 18 yards, first down. Terry Glenn for 16 yards, first down. Terry Glenn for 15 yards, touchdown. An aggressive start, worked to perfection.

"As an offense, we needed to go out there and hit them in the mouth," said Glenn. "You hope, you dream, you wish, but you never can tell. But, when we first hit that first play, then the second play came, before I knew it, we was in the endzone, and that's how you pretty much want to write it up."

And that's how it would go for the Cowboys today. Glenn was nearly unstoppable, catching seven passes for 118 yards, including a second first quarter touchdown. And after a Jose Cortez 28 yard field goal, a team who hadn't scored in the first quarter all season, all of a sudden had 17 first quarter points. The cowboys posted 456 total yards, 167 on the ground between Julius Jones in the first half, and Tyson Thompson in the second. Drew Bledsoe threw for 289 yards and three touchdowns, with passes to six different receivers. And it all started with strong play in the trenches. "If we hadn't run those two quarterback sneaks," said Bledsoe, "I wouldn't have been hit the entire game."

But if the offense was good, the defense was outstanding. Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb never knew what hit him. The Cowboys defenders seemingly took turns harassing him, or just plain pounding him into the turf. Demarcus Ware, Terrence Newman, Gregg Ellis and more. The Eagles managed just 129 yards of total offense, with zero offensive touchdowns.

"The coaches just came up with a good game plan," said Ellis. "The guys took the coaching and executed it."

Head coach Bill Parcells called todays 33-10 win the Cowboys best since he's been here.

"We made one or two mistakes," said Parcells, "but I thought our special teams was good, I thought our defense was good, I thought our offense was good. That's pretty much it. You play like that, you've got a chance to beat anybody."

With the Redskins also losing today, and the Giants coming to Texas Stadium next week, the Cowboys could be in first place as early as next week.

Kevin Berns reporting.