Longview Evacuees May Go Home

Many were smiling today at the Red Cross shelter in the Longview Expo Center, as the word has spread that they may be going home tomorrow..

"I've had a wonderful stay but I'm glad to go home. I have my little Chihuahua back there I haven't seen in two weeks and I'm very lonesome for him," said Port Arthur evacuee, Bertie Stone.

"Feel great I've been ready for about a week or two now," said evacuee Pilo Tamez.

For many like Gerald Comeaux its welcome news, having stayed in five different shelters since Rita, and and seeing the ordeal as a way to see the good in people.

"I'm very tired I appreciate the chance that god gave me to experience such a situation," said Comeaux.

They've endured countless hours watching reports and waiting for a chance to go back to their lives. And many will take back with them strong memories of Longview.

"I've got to know people, the people of Longview have been very good to us the kindness that's been poured out to us has been very overwhelming," said Nederland evacuee, Charlotte Badeaux.

"The people in Longview deserve all the credit because they've been a tremendous help," says Tamez.

Red cross buses could be arriving for evacuees by tomorrow afternoon.

Bob Hallmark reporting, bhallmark@kltv.com