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East Texans Walked To Help Prevent Premature Babies

One in every eight babies are born premature in the United States, and prematurity is the leading killer of newborns. The March of Dimes walk was held this morning at Bergfeld Park in Tyler. The five-mile walk raises money for prevention of birth defects. Members of the March of Dimes say many women do not know why they had a premature birth. Courtney Spearman gave birth to her son 11 weeks early.

"We did everything we could to have the perfect pregnancy," said Chad Spearman, Courtney's husband. "I made sure she had plenty of water, no dehydration, ate the right foods, got exercise and one day her water broke and it just took us by surprise and no one really knew why."

"A lot of people think so many more preemies are surviving and as soon as they come home from the hospital, that's the end of the story, but it's not," said Susan Bennett, Volunteer Coordinator for March of Dimes Walk. "The premature babies that are born very early have a life time of disability." Cade spearman, Courtney and Chad's son, fortunately is a healthy two-year-old, but his mom says she wishes she knew why she had him early, so that it doesn't happen again.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com

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