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10/8/05 Lindale

Lindale Enjoys Fun And Games At Their Annual CountryFest

It's a day residents say they look forward to every year. Lindale's very own CountryFest. The event is full of games, rides and entertainment.  It was a day for the Lindale community to come together. There were activities for all ages. Rides for both kids and adults, and what would a country fest be without a hayride.

"We've been walking around," said Kelly Santaugalloe, a Lindale Resident. "He's been playing games, haven't ate yet"

"Something hot and greasy," said Tony Santaugalloe, Kelly's husband. There was plenty of that. For the kids, there was of course cotton candy, but it wasn't the food that drew the biggest crowd. It was the sheep, and the kids riding them. It's called Mutton Bustin.

"They lay down and hold on," said Clifton Freedman who's son loves to ride sheep. "The sheep just run, they don't buck, so it's a matter of holding on without falling off." For the kids, riding was fun. It was the the falling off part that was not so fun. Three-year-old Grace Veach was ready.

"She's in first place, she 48 right now," said Amanda Veach, Grace's mother. Grace didn't have too much to say about her ride, but her face afterwards told everything.

Molly Reuter reporting,


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