Fonefree Anywhere Speakerphone: "Does It Work?"

Some states now prohibit cell phone use while driving, unless you have a handsfree device. In Texas, operating without one is still legal, but lawmakers have tried and failed--as recently as two years ago--to pass a law restricting cell use in the car without one. Still a lot of people agree, it's a safer way to talk. In this week's "Does It Work?," we take a look at a handy wireless speaker phone system for your car.

It's the Fonefree Anywhere Wireless Speakerphone. It's supposed to work with every cell phone. No plugs, no wires and no installation. There are two basic parts to this thing, the transmitter and the speaker. The makers also give you an optional magnet mount so you can stick your phone up on the dash. The magnet works very well. The speaker takes three AAA batteries. The transmitter gets one. Here's how it works. You clip the transmitter over the earpiece of the phone. Make sure the cup on the clip covers the ear hole. Next clip the speaker up on your visor.

Time to make a call. The person on the other end really like the sound of the Anywhere Speakerphone. She said it sounded clear and there was no feedback. It's important to note, this device does not use your car radio. A couple of years ago, we tested a similar product that used a radio station to play your phone conversation over the car's speakers. We got a lot of feedback from that system and later learned, anyone nearby who happened to be listening to that radio frequency, could hear our conversation. Not the case with this product.

The person we talked to said it was crystal clear. And we should mention here, the person we're talking to is coming through with great clarity over the Anywhere speaker too.

"Does It Work?" We give it a "yes."

We bought the Fonefree Anywhere Speakerphone at Walgreen's for 20 dollars.

Joe Terrell, reporting.