Outrage Over $745 TXU Bill

For the past four years, Patsy Goff has called this place home. But never has she seen a TXU electric bill this high. "They told me well we just been estimating your bill and we had to go back and redo it and we just came up with that amount," says Patsy. Looking at the breakdown in the last five months, Patsy has paid just over $70 each month. But TXU says these prices are based on estimations of kilowatt hours used. The company claims it hasn't been able to get an actual reading of her meter during those months because of her quote, "ferocious dogs." Patsy rebuts, "Well you can see for yourself [the dogs] walking all around us. They're not even growling or barking." But TXU did find a way to get an actual reading of the meter last month. Based on that reading they said she used around $200 worth of electricity each month. That plus September's bill added up to $745.10, due this Monday. She called TXU for an explanation. "I took the man as being very rude he said you don't have to come up with it overnight you have 10 days. And it was his tone of voice that made me suspect he was being rude," says Patsy. Patsy says she will not accept any more "estimated" bills from TXU and she's worried someone else out there is falling victim to the same business practice. "If I didn't have my job and was just living off of social security like a lot of people are I wouldn't have had anything left to live on," says Patsy.

Patsy says she was not told by TXU about the company's options to pay the bill over time, so she paid by credit card. TXU says that is regrettable, and at this point, there is nothing else the company plans to do to help her.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com