Penn Station Back To Normal After Soda Scare

New York's busy Penn Station returned to normal after a rush-hour false alarm caused by a suspicious substance found in a soda bottle near Amtrak's ticket counter, authorities said.

Crews in haz-mat suits cleared away a suspicious green liquid that was found oozing from the discarded soda container near an ATM in New York's Penn Station. The discovery prompted the shutdown of part of a concourse at the railroad and subway station.

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly later said the incident "appears to be a prank" and the liquid was "a Drano-type substance."

Police dogs and National Guard members also had been patrolling the transportation hub beneath Madison Square Garden due to heightened security conditions. Officials yesterday revealed that they'd received word of a possible terrorist plot against the subway system. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has followed through on his promise to ride New York's subway to work today.