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Benefit For Breckenridge Village Of Tyler

Thirty people with special needs live at the Breckenridge Village of Tyler. With its pristine grounds and sparkling pool, it's a group home like you've never seen.

Linda Taylor is the Director of development at the center.  She says, "I think that some people who think of mentally challenged people think of an institution, until they drive up to Breckenridge."

Residents live in family style cottages, sharing the house with seven of their closest friends, and two house parents.

Taylor says, "The home atmosphere frees them to be all that they can be.  They see this beautiful campus where they can work, and play, and serve through their community sevice.  Where they can produce a product."

Residents work at the onsite candle factory. Step one foot inside, and you immediately see how proud they are of their work. Running the center is not cheap, and most of these people are on scholarship. In order to help more people, the center needed to raise money.

Taylor says, "I went to visit Pierre de Wet to ask if he would help us with a donation.  I wanted to try and get rid of the indebtedness at Breckenridge Village, and he said,'Let's do an event."

Out of that conversation, Mane Mission was born. Many of the residents will be at the kickoff event Saturday Night, and when Randy Owens sings his famous song "Angels Among Us," there truly will be.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.


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