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Evacuees Dog Found Alive In New Orleans

After a month away from their home, a New Orleans couple has returned to find quite a surprise; the amazing survival of a dog named Blue. Scrambling out of New Orleans on September 28th, Jeff and Judy Griffith thought they'd only be gone a few days. They left their dog, Blue, locked in the bathroom of their home with enough food and water for three days.

"I had to leave Blue behind. I didn't want to, but we packed 10 people in a seven passenger van. We called the humane society and they were supposed to rescue him, but did not," said Jeff.

Weeks passed until they finally got to go back to New Orleans.  Yesterday, they checked their home and what a surprise they got.

"We heard a faint bark, and I said, 'Is that a dog barking.?' We hollered, 'Blue, wer'e coming! Hold on Blue, Hold on Blue!'" said Judy.

"We opened the door and Blue came through like to say where you all been," Jeff Said.

37 days later, weighing only 36 pounds and emaciated, Blue was miraculously alive.

"I was anticipating a very depressed animal that just wasted away. His emotional state is just wonderful. He's bright and cheery and alert through all of this," said Veterinarian Dr. Ron McAmis.

Weak and thin, but obviously happy to be back with his owners.

"Something good came out of something bad" Judy says.

Blue is not out of the woods yet. The vet says he'll have to be fed small bland meals for a while to get his stomach back to normal. Other than that, his prognosis is very good.

The Griffiths had only minor damage to their home, and plan to return soon, complete now with Blue.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com


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