Experts Recommend Heating System Cleaning Before First Cold Snap

Now that a cool snap seems to be on the way, a lot of folks will be firing up their heaters and furnaces.

However, if you're able to spend some money now, heating experts say you can save bundles in the long run.

For those with aging heater and air conditioning systems, newer and more efficient heat pumps can slash your heating bill by 25 percent or more. And the standards for efficiency have never been tougher.

Or, you can call an expert to have your system cleaned. A better air flow can help save money.

Bill Ruslink, Maddox Air Conditioning in Tyler: "The filters are certainly important, but also the coils and the blower wheel -- how clean they are. If they're several years old, the accumulation of dirt is grown on the coils and that reduces the amount of airflow."

Ruslink says something that is normal is that acrid smell when you turn on your heater for the first time this Fall. He says unless the buildup of dust and dirt in your air system is extreme, that burning smell isn't a hazard.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.