Evacuees In Big Sandy Are Moving Shelters Once Again

It's back on the road for a group of hurricane evacuees that landed in Big Sandy last week. At the time, none of the 600 evacuees were happy when they were put on buses from Lufkin, heading to Texarkana only to end up in an un-airconditioned convention center at the Alert Academy. For those left, its moving day again.

"We are very angry because I feel like we are treated like animals," said Mayra Taylor a Port Arthur evacuee last week. "I don't feel like we are being treated like human beings." Comments like Taylor's were heard from many evacuees last week, but today, what they had to say was very different.

"Really it's good, it's just hot you know they really nice, really nice," said Caroline Jackson, Port Arthur Evacuee. "They give us good food, make sure we get our medicine, take care of us real good." Just as the evacuees started to feel at home, it was time for them to move once again.

"Having to pack up every week and move, different places farther and farther away from home, that's the frustrating part," said Rose Only, Port Arthur evacuee. The Alert Academy says it needs the convention center for an event this weekend.

"We have worked with the state and they are moving people out, but our premise has been all along if there was no place for them to go we would still figure out how to take care of them," said John Tanner, Director of Alert Academy. The state does have a place for the evacuees to go, and the evacuees say they are ready.

"I want to go home, but I know we can't right now, so San Antonio is in my head right now," said Trisha Stacy, Port Arthur Evacuee. San antonio is where the evacuees will be going. Around 5:00 p.m., four air-conditioned buses arrived at the Alert Academy.

"As soon as I got on the bus I was like yes this is a way better bus than the last one," said Chiquita Turner, Port Arthur Evacuee. The evacuees got one last meal and then they were off to San Antonio with smiles on their faces.

The buses will drop the evacuees off at Kelly Air Force Space in San Antonio. The Alert Academy says FEMA was there earlier today setting up a more permanent shelter for the evacuees.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com