Longview Playground Built By Country Star And Volunteers

Volunteers joined celebrity, Neal McCoy, in building a children's park.

The park is located off of Restoration Road, only blocks from McCoy's spring hill home.

"They had me over there putting the little screws on, which was way too tedious. I'd rather be toting mulch," joked McCoy.

Local retailers donated materials and their time to make this possible. Those who contributed were  Kaboom and Home Depot. This project was  after McCoy's Academy of Country music humanitarian award.

"This is a great community project that everybody is getting together to do for everybody in the area it's a lot of fun its neat, it's really neat to be part of all of this," said Texarkana Home Depot volunteer James Rice.

A dozen evacuees volunteered for the project.

"It means a lot to us so when we have a spot here... maybe we'll return someday and see Longview again. Mayve bring my grandchildren or children back to see it so they'll be real proud," said "Rita" evacuee Velma Wappler of Grove Texas.

Mayor Jay Dean and city employees added their muscle to the mix. Working in teams, the play ground was put together in six-and-a-half hours. Later, everyone dedicated the park.

"I'm lucky I've got a great wife and kids, I just look forward to driving down the road sometime pulling in seeing kids playing out here," said McCoy.

McCoy says no matter what he may accomplish in the future, this park will be worth remembering. City workers say the park will be expanded assoon as funds become available.

Bob Hallmark, bhallmark@kltv.com, reporting.