Swiffer Carpet Flick: "Does It Work?"

About three years ago "Does It Work?" gave a "yes" to a little known product called the Swiffer Wet Jet. It's safe to say, we all know about it now.

Now Swiffer has come out with a weird little product called the Swiffer Carpet Flick. This week, we put it to the "Does It Work?" test. It's marketed as the everyday carpet sweeper. "Just flick, trap and toss," it says on the box. The starter kit includes the Carpet Flick itself, the poles that make the handle, the flicking compartment and four cleaning cartridges. We easily snap the thing together. The cleaning cartridges are stiff pieces of cardboard covered with real stick stuff on both sides. Just peep the paper covering off and slide the cartridge into the Carpet Flick. It's ready to use. Simply glide it across the floor and watch the stuff jump into the flicking compartment. We sprinkled a large quantity of dirt, leaves, grass, crushed cereal and glitter onto two different kinds of carpet. The Carpet Flick did not disappoint. The only problem we saw was the cartridges fill up quickly with a big mess. When all the "sticky" gets covered, the dirt and waste can fall back out onto the floor.

"Does It Work?" It only works on carpeting, and it's not going to replace your vacuum, but we give the Swiffer Carpet Flick a "yes."

The starter kit, which includes 4 cartridges is $12.99 at Target. The cartridges cost about $5.00 for a pack of 12.

Joe Terrell, reporting. jterrell@kltv.com