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10/03-Rusk County

Harris County Deputy Arrested During Drug Bust Expected In Tyler Court

A Harris County Sheriff's Deputy is expected at the Federal Courthouse in Tyler tomorrow morning to face drug charges. The officer is one of two men, arrested Thursday in Rusk County's largest crack cocaine bust ever.

Carlton McFarl, 38, the Harris County Deputy and Brandon Lavergne, 23, both of Houston are expected before a federal judge tomorrow. The men were arrested Thursday morning north of Garrison during a traffic stop.

Rusk County Narcotics K-9 Officer Kenneth Bigs says he pulled Lavergne over for two traffic violations -- following too closely and obstructed license plate. Biggs says he immediately suspected something was wrong. "I knew after the first minute or so," said Biggs.

After Biggs pulled Lavergne over, McFarland stopped his vehicle behind Biggs' unit. "This guy pulled up apparently to say, 'hey man I'm a police officer, this is my friend,'" said Biggs. Biggs says the men's stories didn't match up. "The other guy that I stopped said he didn't know the guy, so that seemed pretty odd to me," said Biggs. That's when Biggs asked to search Lavergne's vehicle and he says Lavergne agreed.

As Biggs searched the car, hidden underneath the back driver's seat Biggs found nearly 4.5 lbs. of suspected crack cocaine and a half pound of powdered cocaine. Officials say the street value of the drugs is estimated at $163,000. Biggs says each man was also carrying a handgun. Biggs brought out his K-9 dog, Nuva, to inspect both vehicles, and he called DEA agents. "He's a police officer and I'm a police officer so it went over my head pretty quick, so we called dea in to let them handle the investigation and pull me off the hot seat and let them kind of make the decisions," said Biggs.

Harris County officials say they are reviewing the status of McFarland's employment with the force. McFarland has worked as a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy for nine and a half years.

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