7 On Your Side: Mold

If you are returning to your storm-damaged home, officials say the first step is to fix water-related problems immediately.

"Whether it be roof leaks, whether it be plumbing, whether it be windows that have been knocked out or blown out," said Cecil Fambrough, Regional Industrial Hygienist for the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Mold  is always in the air and people breathe in mold spores everyday.

"You generally can smell it with your nose. A moldy, musky, earthy smell and if you've got it to that degree you're probably going to be able to see it with your eyes," says

And Mold grows many places, especially in houses when there is a large amount of moisture and humidity in the air.

"Wherever the moisture is it's going to be attracted to it and that's supper time!"  Fambrough said, "If you can get it dried out within a day or two you have a good chance of keeping it from getting out of hand."

She said  fans and your air-conditioner can help dry out mold.  Also you can scrub the mold with a water and bleach mix.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com