Red Cross Disaster Aid

People started lining up outside the FEMA Disaster Recovery Center at three o'clock this morning.

At eight this morning, the doors opened, and the American Red Cross began issuing debit cards that can be used for emergency needs like gas and medicine.

They're doing everything they can to get their lives back in order, and we're doing everything we can to make that as smooth as possible.

For some people the aid came at just the right time. Patrick Sillers, a Beaumont resident said, "I appreciate all that staff has done for my family and eveything. They're great.."

Others found out they would not be so lucky. "I'm going to read the Texas zip codes that are going to be processed by the American Red Cross today, but they skipped right over us, said Diane Wilson, Kountze resident. We weren't included on the list and neither were a lot of other people's zip codes."

For every person that went away irritated with the system- another got exactly the help they needed. Debra Lucas, Beaumont resident said,"Oh you just don't know. I feel like crying cause i'm just so happy full of joy."

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.