ETMC named Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence

ETMC is selected as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence, recognizing bariatric surgeon Hugh P. Babineau, MD, as a Bariatric Surgeon of Excellence.


The American Society for Bariatric Surgery and the Surgical Review Corporation chose ETMC and Dr. Babineau for satisfactorily meeting specific standards. Qualification is based on the institution’s ability to perform safe bariatric surgery while providing excellent short and long-term outcomes. In order to ensure the highest standards, the review process is comprehensive and precise.


Bariatric Surgery is a serious surgical procedure for obese patients, allowing them to lose a significant amount of weight. The stomach is made drastically smaller and the small intestine is directly connected to the new stomach pouch. Because the food storage area in the stomach is reduced, a person feels quickly satiated causing them to eat less, and absorb fewer calories.


The goal of the ASBS and SRC is to promote bariatric surgical care with the highest level of efficacy and safety. Because the hospitals and surgeons have met rigorous criteria set by the ASBS and SRC, people interested in bariatric surgery can trust institutions certified as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence.


For more information on bariatric surgery, please contact ETMC HealthFirst at 1-800-648-8141 or Dr. Babineau at (903) 593-0230.