Proud of East Texas: East Texas Observes 75th Anniversary Of Discovery Of Oil

This week marks the 75th anniversary of the discovery of oil in East Texas. On October 3,1930, the "Daisy Bradford Three" blew in, opening up the largest petroleum deposit in North America.

While the rest of the country was suffering from the Great Depression, East Texas became a land of opportunity and people from every corner of the U.S. came here to seek their fortunes.

America's growing infatuation with the automobile fueled oil fever even further, and East Texas crude became the "black gold" of the 20th century. It's even said that the allies floated to victory on East Texas oil in World War Two.

Twenty-five years ago the East Texas Oil Museum opened as a tribute to the pioneers who discovered and developed the great East Texas oil field. Over a million and a quarter visitors from throughout the world have toured this living history museum. Monday, October 3rd, the diamond jubilee of the East Texas Oil Field and the silver anniversary of the East Texas Oil Museum will be celebrated. Festivities begin at 11:00 a.m. in front of the museum on the Kilgore College Campus.

Joan Hallmark reporting,