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Construction Workers From Around East Texas Break A World Record

How fast can a house be built? A month?  A week? How about two hours? That question was answered today as construction workers from around East Texas came together to beat the world record of two hours and 53 minutes. It was almost like a sporting event, a race against time.

Like most sporting events, the race started with the national anthem, and with a loud bang the race got started. There were teams all in different colored shirts. The concrete workers, the shinglers and the plumbers, and there were fans to chear them on.

"I have confidence, complete confidence they will get in there and get it done," said Kathy Roach, a spectator. 

"It's like a bunch of little worker ants that are just really getting after it," said Glenda Ciarrillo, another spectator. Two weeks ago, the workers got a chance to practice, and they had a little trouble with the concrete. That's because it dried too fast, but this time everything went smooth.

"That's why you have practice, so you can learn to do things right," said Dick Schilhab, Vice President of Transit Mix. "Everybody was really excited and I guess you could tell when the guys were leaving and the drivers were hitting their horns."

And then with just 31 seconds to spare the house was finished.  "They all pulled together as a team and everybody did a great job," said Brian Conaway, President of Tyler Area Builders Association. "We broke this record." A record everyone in East Texas can be proud of.

The Tyler Area Builders Association organized the event. It says the houses will be sold, and the money raised will go towards six different local charities.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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