Hardbody Contestants Receive Prizes

The Longview contest that was delayed by tragic circumstances weeks ago, came to a quiet, but rewarding end Thursday night. The 11 remaining contestants of the "Hands On A Hardbody contest" each received prizes, decided on by drawing names from a hopper. Longview mayor, Jay Dean was on hand at Patterson Nissan, to draw the names. Consolation prizes ranged from 250-dollars in cash, to personal computers.
The contestants told us they were happy to be taking "some form of compensation" from the contest. In the end, the winner of the grand prize, the pick-up and camper, was Wesley Reeves of Gladewater. This year's contest was canceled 48 hours into it, when contestant Richard Vega left the event, broke into a nearby K-mart, got a shotgun, and after a short stand-off with police, killed himself.
Patterson Nissan told us they will make an announcment at a later date about the ultimate future of the Hands On A Hardbody Contest.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv