Man Gets Second Kidney Transplant Thanks In Part To Hurricane Rita

Hurricane Rita gives one East Texas man a second chance at life. Edward meadows,46, received a kidney transplant last Thursday after being on a waiting list for two months. The kidney was originally bound for Galveston. The organ had to be re-routed to Houston because of the storm. But then, Houston stopped doing elective surgeries as Rita approached, so the organ was re-routed yet again.

"They say the individual passed away in Houston and with the storm down that way, they were moving a lot of their organs up this way, and it just so happened that one of the kidneys was 'A' positive and I lucked out," said Meadows, the kidney transplant patient.

"You know it was kind of like a perfect storm for circumstances that came together in this gentleman's favor for this kidney transplant. He was on the list not for a very long time but he was a perfect match for this particular kidney," said Chris Caffee, ETMC's transplant social worker.

This is the 40th kidney transplant performed by the East Texas Medical Center Kidney Transplant Team this fiscal year.

Oralia Ortega, reporting.