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Evacuees Get Help From FEMA

Vickie Craver is a Hurrican Rita Evacuee. She went to the Disaster Recovery Center on Wednesday to try and get some help.

“It's frustrating. This is not a fun ordeal to go through today,” she said. The lines were long at the FEMA Disaster Recovery Center.

The aid evacuees can qualify for varies depending on the storm they were hit by. “They're going to give us two-thousand dollars.

It could be twenty-four to forty-eight hours before it could be put into our accounts, that was very encouraging,” Craver said.

Vickie and her husband were victims of Rita. Right now they can take advantage of the same two-thousand dollar emergency assistance fund that was originally offered to Katrina evacuees.

It has since been cancelled for Katrina victims, but new help is on the way. Mike Sweet is the spokesperson for FEMA and he says, “They can get twenty-three hundred and fifty-eight dollars for three months rent.

That will cover three months rent at the fair market rate.” There are other services at the Center as well. Insurance companies are on hand to help file claims, but when Vickie Craver saw that her insurance companies policy was different than the one next to hers, she was livid. “Other insurance companies are cutting checks today to help people with living expenses until agents can get down to the area,” she said. “You're sitting here, and you've paid your insurance, and you've got the best policy, and yet your insurance is saying, ‘we can't give you anything'.”

Some people, like Howard Robinson, came out here today, but didn’t know what kind of services they could qualify for. “We had a few dollars to ourselves, and we've been trying to spend that to do something for ourselves- and I didn't know about any other kind of help.

When we told him two-thousand dollars was on the way, he was clearly excited.

 He smiled and said, “Good help! Good help! Good help!”

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting. lwilcox@kltv.com

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