Smith County Restaurants Have Roach Infestations

Tio's Restaurant on I-20 West in Lindale was inspected Aug. 24.

Beef and chicken were at 44-46F, should be 41F or below. Improper reheating of beef was noted, and there was no hand sanitizer or soap at handsink. Raw fish was being stored over cooked food, and a massive roach infestation was noted.

Total demerits: 33.  The permit to serve food was suspended, and the restaurant has closed.

California Bakery and Deli, 1405 S. Beckham in Tyler was inspected Aug. 22.   Salad dressing was at 61-66F, it should be 41F or below.  Mold was seen on drink dispensers, and a slicer needed cleaning.

Total demerits: 18. No recheck was ordered.

Cross Country at 16117 Hwy. 64 East in Tyler was inspected Aug. 18. Mayonnaise was above the 41F cold hold temperature. Turkey legs and hot links were at 74-104F.  Should be 140F or hotter. Improper handwashing was noted.

Total demerits: 17. No recheck ordered.

Panaderia Nuevo Leon at 323 N. Beckham in Tyler was inspected Aug. 4.  Milk and eggs were stored from 59-69F. Should be 41F or below. Dough was placed on a cooler rack. Flies and roaches were noted.

Total demerits: 14. No recheck ordered.

All inspections provided by the Northeast Texas Public Health District.