ETMC Tyler Wound Healing Center recognized

ETMC Tyler Wound Healing Center recognized


The medical director of the ETMC Tyler Wound Healing Center has received special recognition for his leadership. The award came from National Healing Corporation, the company that provides management services for the center.

Stephen Rdyzak, MD, FACP just received a plaque citing him for: "Special recognition for Leadership and Dedication to Excellence by a Medical Director." The recognition came because ETMC’s center is the first National Healing Wound Center to become an accredited clinical hyperbaric medicine facility through evaluation by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society.

National Healing Corporation accounts for 20 percent of managed and outsourced wound healing centers nationwide.

ETMC’s center was not only the first NHC center to earn accreditation. It was also the first of its type in East Texas, the sixth in Texas and only the 42nd in the United States to receive the UHMS recognition.

            Evaluation focused on the center’s use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers in the treatment of wound healing, sometimes called diving medicine. The oxygen-rich atmosphere in chambers stimulates the healing process in chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers.