Sluggish Aid Frustrates Texas Leaders

Officials in Port Arthur,  are hoping their complaints about sluggish aid after Hurricane Rita are being heard.

Mayor Oscar Ortiz met yesterday with Governor Rick Perry but says it still "seems like the larger towns in the news are the ones getting the help."

Ortiz says residents should give it three to five more days before they come home. There probably won't be any power for a month. Port Arthur did get 121 small generators yesterday, but emergency workers get them first, then merchants who provide high-demand products such as gasoline, water and food.

Storm-battered areas that do have power have been getting rolling brownouts as the utility tries to stretch what electricity they have.

Fifteen-thousand workers are on their way to southeast Texas as part of a goal of restoring power to critical services _ fire, police and hospitals _ within a week. There are also plans to bring in fuel by train, along with cruise ships to provide power.

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