Students get hands-on experience in new health science classrooms at Whitehouse HS

Students get hands-on experience in new health science classrooms at Whitehouse HS

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - Some East Texas students are preparing for careers in the health science field in a new state-of-the-art facility. This school year, Whitehouse High School students are preparing for the future in their brand new health science classrooms.

Forget about chalkboards and textbooks; these students are using actual medical equipment in a facility that looks just like the real thing.

"We have a mock drive-thru pharmacy," said Annette McGuffee, a health science teacher. "The patient or student will walk up and the pharmacy technician will be able to fill the prescription. And if it's a drive-thru, they can do it there."

Students also learn how to sort pills and fill capsules in the classroom.

Many of the supplies are made possible by grants. Another classroom is set up just like a hospital with beds, sinks, curtains, and mannequin patients.

"They are going to learn everything from infection control practices, like washing you hands, wearing your gown, gloves, and mask," said Krystal Garred, CNA program instructor. "And also how to take those off without contaminating yourself or others. They learn how to take vital signs like blood pressure, pulse, and respiration."

Students also learn basic skills like making a patient's bed and assisting someone with bathing while they're recovering from surgery.

All classrooms have wider doors to accommodate wheelchairs and hospital beds.

Students enrolled in the classes have the opportunity to graduate and immediately enter the workforce after being certified by the state.

"It gives them a step up from their peers," said Garred. "Because they've come out as an 18- or 19-year-old already certified through the state."

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