City of Tyler moves forward with drainage improvement project

City of Tyler moves forward in drainage improvement project

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The City of Tyler approved a contract for the construction of a drainage improvement project.

About two years ago, a massive hole began to form under a home at the corner of Fleishel Avenue and Guinn Drive in Tyler.

"The storm sewer system that [...] the house was built on, wasn't suppose to be built on, but it was built on had collapsed underneath their house," Managing Director of Utilities and Public Works Scott Taylor said.

The collapsed pipe left a 6- to 8-feet deep hole underneath the home. The city has since purchased and removed the house and is now working towards fixing the drainage system.

"We're putting in totally, all new storm sewer [...], it's right off Fleishel and East 8th Street," he said.

The city's goal is to close off the drainage structure under the now empty lot and reroute the water through the new system.

"Constructing in the street actually will save time because it will be easier to handle," he said. "Now we do know it's going to be a traffic burden and we'll deal with that."

While the project might cause traffic delays, nearby residents tell us they are looking forward to the fix. One resident had a hole recently form in the front of her yard while another neighbor tells KLTV she has been dealing with drainage issues for years.

The city expects the project to take about 6-9 months to complete and is expected to cost the city about one million dollars.

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