An Evacuee Family Gives Birth To A Baby Girl Miles Away From Home

Evacuating their home in Nederland, Texas is something the Redwine family has done many times before, but this time was different. When Hurricane Rita headed their way they couldn't just go anywhere. That's because Darla Redwine was nine months pregnant. When news of Hurricane Rita made it's way to the Redwine family, the decision to evacuate was easy. What wasn't easy, was finding the right place to evacuate to.

"We noticed the hurricane had turned, and said now we will go because she was pregnant and I was trying to figure out, I want her to be by a hospital to leave her safely and then I can go back to work," said Marcus Redwine, Darla's husband.

"I did evacuate before, but not pregnant, so it was a little scary leaving my house," said Darla. The Redwines didn't just leave their house. They left their hospital, their doctor, and everything they had prepared to bring their new baby girl into the world.

"The whole thing is very scary, it's really hard. I kinda like comfort and I don't like change, so to change OB's, change hospitals, even change the car we came in," said Darla. Emmanuel Baptist Church in Henderson is a sister church to the Redwine's church back home. It was the church that found the Redwine's a place to stay.

"We're blessed and God was good," said Marcus. "He paved the road for us and like parted the roads to get us up here." As soon as the Redwines got to Henderson, they started looking for a hospital and a new doctor, and it's a good thing they did because just a few days later, Darla gave birth to a baby girl. Grace Redwine was born yesterday afternoon. She was a week early, which is ok with Marcus Redwine. He was planning on going back home to work.

"I got to see my daughter born," said Marucs. "That was awesome." Henderson soon became Redwine's home away from home.

"Henderson is home," said Marcus. "Henderson is home for us." Grace is the Redwine's third child. They left the hospital this afternoon and will stay with chruch friends until they can go back home.