Morris County investigates six fires

Morris County investigates six fires

MORRIS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - East Texas law enforcement is asking for the public's help after a rash of fires destroyed structures and vehicles in one concentrated area.

Over a 10-week period,  Morris county investigators say 6 fires have occurred just west of Daingerfield between county road 3104 and 3103 from July to September.

From storage buildings to homes, to cars,  investigators say 6 blazes have occurred within a mile of each other.

"We're in the part of this investigation where we're looking for any physical evidence or anything out of the ordinary that's part of this case," says chief deputy Robbie Gray of the Morris County sheriff's office.

Investigators say 2 fires in the same general area might be a coincidence. But 6 fires in the same area including 2 cars? It was a red flag.

Three houses have been burned, two cars, and one storage building. The cars where the tip that it was not spontaneous combustion.

"No, it was not spontaneously, no sir. And one of the burned vehicles did not run. The car fire happened late in the evening afternoon, and the storage fire happened late at night, and we've had an abandoned house fire," Gray says.

The state fire marshal has confirmed that one of the structure fires was an accident involving electrical wiring.

The worry is, they may have a firebug."Anybody who had seen something heard something, any information please contact the sheriff's department.

Nobody was hurt in any of these fires," says Gray.

There are no suspects in the cases yet, and the state fire marshal's office is continuing to investigate.

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