Lights, camera, Quitman

Lights, camera, Quitman

QUITMAN, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas city is hoping to use its small-town appeal to attract filmmakers. When you think of Quitman, you might think of the old courthouse on the downtown square or maybe even the American flags scattered around town. But what about Hollywood?

Lauren Wilcox was recently appointed as the city's new film liaison. A position created several years ago when filmmakers came to town wanting to shoot a movie.

"Jericho is what it was called. And they filmed it over at the arboretum at the Stinson House," said Wilcox.

With the making of the film, the city saw the potential for bringing filmmakers to town.

"A lot of cities around the state and the country, have that relationship with the film industry," said Andrew Kloefkorn, city administrator. "We wanted to be a part of that."

Along with having a film liaison, Quitman is also considered a 'Film Friendly City.' Aside from the little town making the big screen, there are also economic benefits.

"Anytime you bring in a large group of people, they're eating here. They're filling up their gas tanks here," said Kloefkorn.

The city says a film liaison is typically set up for big films, but they could also accommodate those working on smaller, independent projects. Looking to the next five to ten years, the city hopes that the film industry will look at Quitman as the place to be.

"We're wanting to build that rapport with Hollywood," said Wilcox. "Bring people in. Make Quitman known and show what we have to offer."

"Quitman is probably one of the best little towns in East Texas," said Kloefkorn. "One of the best secrets in East Texas."

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