East Texan searches for good samaritan who stayed by his side after wreck

East Texan searches for good samaritan who stayed by his side after wreck

WINNSBORO, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas man was in a motorcycle accident in Winnsboro back in February. Now he's searching for a good samaritan who stayed with him until paramedics arrived.

Super Bowl Sunday Don VanScoy and his son-in-law took a ride down FM 852 in Winnsboro. A ride he's taken many times before, but this ride ended in a wreck VanScoy describes as horrific.

"You know he thought I had died because I was just laying there face down not moving," he said.

His leg, back, pelvis, and arm were all fractured. He doesn't remember anything from the accident, but his son-in-law told him a woman stopped to help.

"He kind of informed me on everything, what had happened, and he was the one that told me about this lady," he said.

A woman passing by stopped to help VanScoy, and stayed until paramedics arrived. He was airlifted from the scene.

"From the moment of the accident this lady stopped, she got out and she sat with me," he said.

Now that he is home and able to walk with a cane he wants to personally thank the woman who stayed by his side. The only problem is no one caught her name.

So he took to social media to try to find her.

"All I know is that she was a slender build with short white hair," he said.

With so few details VanScoy is hoping the story he shared on Facebook will help find the woman he said saved his life.

"Thank you just doesn't seem like enough, I really do appreciate her, she was my on the scene angel," he said.

VanScoy describes the woman as slim with short gray hair. He said she was driving in the Winnsboro area on February 4, 2018. If you think you know this woman, let us know.

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