East Texas instructor teaches PTSD yoga

East Texas instructor teaches PTSD yoga

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - There are a number of ways that various groups have addressed the problem of post-traumatic stress disorder,  but an East Texas woman is offering a much different way to help those who suffer from it...Yoga!

Stretching and breathing, the normal routine for Freedom Yoga classes. But Longview instructor Tony Dussex has found a new way to apply it.

"Everybody's endured some kind of trauma. We start working the trauma through the body first, and then work on calming the nervous system, movement  and breath," she says.

The effort stems from Tony's personal tragedy. Her husband's death 15 years ago.

"I suffered PTSD, depression, all that stuff for years and basically got tired of being medicated. I'm living proof of how beneficial it is, I no longer meet the criteria for PTSD," Dussex says.

It's not just soldiers who suffer PTSD, but anyone with a traumatic life event can suffer from it.

Dussex researched and found that yoga had a unique application.

Based off of tension and trauma releasing exercises, her program uses the calm practice to promote physical and mental wellness.

And those who take her class say it works for them.

"It has helped me overcome many obstacles in my life whether it be depression, anxiety, stress from my job, I'm able to cope," says yoga student Jennifer Mitchell.

Dussex hopes it helps someone the way it has helped her."I know first-hand what it's like to not want to live at all. Peace is an option," she says.

Dussex holds classes through the week. if you're interested, you can visit 'Freedom Yoga' on Facebook.

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