Teamwork recovers sunken SUV

Teamwork recovers sunken SUV

MORRIS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A submerged vehicle that was discovered when it was struck by a boater at Lake O the Pines has now been recovered.

About a dozen people converged at a boat ramp not too far from Lone Star Steel in a second attempt to pull a sunken vehicle to shore.

Morris County Sheriff Jack Martin was determined this time, and got the Marion County Rescue Dive Recovery team involved, including Tony Montoya.

"We're gonna go locate that old truck and hook it up so we can pull it out," Montoya said.

Days earlier, the vehicle came unhooked from a wrecker cable and sank so they brought in a bigger crew.

Diver Chris McCord was in the water first. Visibility was next to nothing.

"It's very dark, very dark," Sheriff Martin said.

McCord said current took him off course, but after about an hour and then:

"At this time the diver has located the vehicle and he's trying to get it hooked so we can get it pulled out. Where we thought it went down, it didn't. They couldn't find anything so after he searched the lake a little bit he finally got it located closer to the shore," Sheriff Martin observed.

Moments later the vehicle was secured and the heavy duty wrecker started doing its thing.

The dive team recommended a larger wrecker so the winch wouldn't have to pull the vehicle through the mud. In about ten minutes the SUV was on shore and had a license plate.

"We learned that this vehicle was stolen July the fifth of this year out of Cass County. We are making contact with Cass County to let them know that we have recovered the vehicle," Sheriff Martin said.

"We figured something like that. That's what Chris had suggested; a possible stolen vehicle," Tony Montoya said.

This time out with a more organized effort it paid off.

"Today it went well. Everybody worked good together. The wrecker service, the fire department, commissioners, my deputies; we all worked good together," Martin stated.

From pulling in to the scene to recovered mud-filled SUV it only took about two hours, and as authorities hoped there was nobody inside the Kia.

The SUV will be turned over to the Cass County Sheriff's Office. They will continue the investigation.

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