Injured soldier comes home to surprise of lifetime

Injured soldier comes home to surprise of lifetime

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A Tyler soldier has returned home after being injured while he was deployed in Africa with the Texas National Guard.

Infantryman Mickey Humes returned to Texas on Thursday.

Today, friends and family gathered to unveil a gift they've been working on for months - a fully restored 1969 Dodge Charger.

"It was galvanized, it was falling apart, it was a complete restoration," says Jimmy Seastrunk, Old Geezer's auto shop owner.

In 2007, Humes bought his dream car.

"She was not in good shape when we first got it. The mufflers were sticking out of the back window, the drive shaft was in the trunk," Humes says.

As a tribute to his favorite band, ACDC, Humes named the car 'Back in Black.' It took nearly a year to rebuild; all while Humes was in Africa.

"[He] had to throw us a loop by getting hurt and coming in early and we had to work our hineys off to get this thing done," Seastrunk says.

Humes hoped his Dodge would be a fun project that he and his grandfather could work on together, but his grandfather passed away before it was finished.

"It's been a long journey with it. It's been worth it. I couldn't imagine being without it, it's like part of the family," Humes says.

After Humes started hanging out at Old Geezer's auto shop, they took him in like he was family.

"He became our shop dog, we adopted him," Seastrunk says.

It was a different kind of surprise homecoming but just as special.

Humes will have to go back to Waco to recover from his injury but says he's excited to have a beautiful new car to drive back home.

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