Rita Topples Trees, Destroys Home In Longview

A Longview woman is without a home tonight because of Rita, but she's thankful to be alive. A tree came crashing down on her living room, right where she was sitting.

Angie Hawkings was relaxing on her sofa yesterday morning, watching television at her home on Coushatta Trail. Then, her day took an unexpected turn. "I heard the roof crunching and the roof fell on me," said the 29-year-old. A tree had fallen over on another tree. "And that tree just fell over and fell inside my living room and garage," she said.

About a dozen of Angie's neighbors rushed to help her to safety. "I heard her yelling for help and we couldn't find her," said next-door neighbor, Barbara Baldwin. The flying debris made it hard for Angie to see, so at first, she thought she was blocked in. "I curled into a ball and was praying nothing heavy fell on me," said Angie.

She says after the debris settled and she managed to see her surroundings, she started making her way out. "I was going to crawl out the top at first because there was a tree I could crawl out of. I could hear people," she says. "My neighbor, Barbara, was calling my name, but then I thought about my dog. I didn't want him to get squished so I went the other direction."

After getting her dog, Angie made it out with only bruises. But her car and living room are destroyed. "I had a loveseat, a couch, a coffee table, my beautiful leather chair. It's gone now," she says. Her carpet is soaked from the rain that poured in.

But despite all of this, Angie says she remains in good spirits. "I guess I'm lucky and God took care of me."

For now Angie and her dog are staying with friends. She says she's working with her insurance company to see what will happen with her home.

Oralia ortega reporting, ortega@kltv.com