Strong Winds Tore Through Smith County

Many people fled to East Texas to get away from Hurricane Rita, only to be faced with downed trees and powerlines.

"We're from Houston, so we're more concerned what's happening to our house, but we're fine," said a Houtson Evacuee. The strong winds caused part of Dennis Noble's roof to fly off today.

"A huge boom," said Noble. "I mean just a huge boom all of a sudden." And this has never happened to Noble's roof before.

"This roofs been on there 20 years," said Noble. Pieces of his roof hung on for dear life, but Noble wasn't too confident the rest of his roof would stay on.

"Nothing I can do, I mean the winds going to get it," said Noble. Several trees in Smith County came down as well. Some bigger than others. One tree on Old Jacksonville Highway blocked traffic and brought down power lines. Another tree fell on the Bank of American building on South Broadway damaging part of it. Just a glimpse of what's happening all over East Texas.

Molly Reuter, reporting.