Stores Try To Keep Up With Demand For Hurricane Rita Supplies

Stores in Tyler are packed. "Because of Hurricane Rita!," explains Stephanie Vickers who evacuated from Pearland. Stephanie and her family live 20 minutes outside of Galveston. She fought traffic to get here, little did she know she'd run into some more in store aisles. KLTV 7's Christine Nelson asks, "Were you expecting to have to buy supplies?" Stephanie replies, "No! We already did that in Pearland and now we're having to do it again!"

The big ticket item was bottled water. Shelves are getting stocked and restocked with water, flashlights and batteries. But supply and demand are leaving some shelves empty, so adding patience to your list is also a must. "I didn't think we would be able to get any water but we got some," says Lonnie Williams getting ready to pack supplies in his car. Shopper David Vandusen tells us his next stop is home, "No to buy gas and that's it." If that's the case, do it now. Some gas stations are running out. Owners seeing the signs before Rita even existed.

"Based on what happened with Katrina we knew that was a possibility and of course the theory was proven correct at this point," says Robert Marta with Super 1 Foods. Their gas station ran out of gas but was expecting a shipment to come earlier this afternoon. If you haven't started shopping for supplies, expect stores to either be low in stock or not have any at all.

Christine Nelson, reporting.