Work crew breaks gas line, prompting evacuations around Kilgore College

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Some tense moments occurred on the Kilgore College campus when a work crew broke a gas line, causing road closures and evacuations.

Fire and city crews worked quickly to close off the area where a work crew had cut the large gas line.

Nearby barber Micah Shannon came out to see what was happening.

"There's always concerns when things are going on in your area, community, and you see in the news, especially near a college. You never know what the situation might be," Shannon says.

Fire officials say it was a substantially large gas line that was broken, and the ominous smell of gas filled the area. The east buildings of Kilgore College and some local business were evacuated.

"I was upstairs in my office and one of the workers called up and said 'hey, they're evacuating us.' Luckily we didn't have any visitors at that time," says Amber Kinsey, a worker at the East Texas Oil Museum.

They were told to simply get to a safe distance.

"Actually we were parked right behind the building and they told us not to even start our vehicles, that we just needed to migrate to another part of the campus," Kinsey says.

CenterPoint Energy officials said they were able to shut off the flow of gas to the line just before 11 a.m.

"Kind of scary hearing something like that, working down here thinking you are safe and something could have got bad real quick," says Shannon.

Shortly after, the all clear was given and people were allowed back in the area.

The gas line was repaired shortly after noon, and the roadway was reopened to traffic.
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