Outpouring of support for Henderson chiropractor injured in tractor accident

Outpouring of support for Henderson chiropractor injured in tractor accident

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas chiropractor remains in the hospital after being involved in a tractor accident on Saturday, July 28 at his home near Henderson.

Dr. Sasha Kecman said they have about 10 acres of land that he mows using a tractor. He says while mowing on a steep incline the bush hog hit a boulder and flipped the tractor.

"I crawled about 100 yards from where the pine was to the house," said Dr. Kecman. "I called up somebody to come by and get me. I told my wife I cut my leg and you need to take me to the hospital."

Kecman said a neighbor helped get him to the hospital. He was quickly transferred from UT Health Henderson to UT Health Tyler.

Doctors said Kecman suffered a right closed spiral fracture on tibia, a left open calcaneous fracture and left open pilon fracture. Kecman's heel was also degloved. The doctors had to reattach tendons, blood vessels and do a skin graft on his heel to replace the missing skin.

While Kecman continues to recover from his injures, both his patients and his chiropractic competitors are offering a lot of love and support. Several area chiropractors have offered to take Kecman's patient while he remains in the hospital, with many of them sending the fees to the Kecman family.

"To me when your competition ends up being your ally, that makes a big statement," said Sasha's wife, Kyla Kecman.

"They're all using their time to come into my office and help out my patients," said Dr. Kecman. "I'm very blessed to have them and help me out in that aspect of it."

Dr. Kecman said it has been difficult adjusting to role of patient instead of doctor.

"It's weird," said Kecman. "I'm always the one asking how could I help you? Does it hurt? I'm a chiropractor. I can fix it."

For now, the Kecmans have hired another doctor to treat patients three days a week. They don't expect Kecman back in the office until the end of the year.

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