Ordinance proposed to address restaurant training in East Texas

Ordinance proposed to address restaurant training in East Texas

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - One East Texas city's health department is seeking to have a measure brought before it's city council that would create an ordinance requiring restaurants that get bad inspection scores to be schooled on how to do it right.

Health inspectors enforce restaurant guidelines to ensure there will be no risk to the public.

"We just simply want everybody to work at an acceptable level of cleanliness and standards," says Laura Hill, Longview Director of Community Services.

But recurring violations with a small percentage of establishments has the Longview EnvironmentalHealth Department proposing an ordinance amendment to the city council.

"If we have an establishment that makes a C , D or F, then they will enter into a risk control plan with the city and their entire staff will undergo remedial training, and there will be a cost associated with them paying for that remedial training," Hill says.

The proposal would be all-encompassing for any restaurant that scores a bad mark, and past inspections would figure in.

"We're going to do that by looking at the most recent inspection and all past inspections. They'll be given additional training that we'll be providing," says Buck Farrar of the Longview Environmental Health Department.

The effort is to protect the thousands of people who dine out every day.

"So we ensure the safety for the citizens of Longview," Farrar says.

"We don't want any of the public endangered by those establishments that may not be operating at that acceptable level," says Hill.

The issue comes before Longview City Council Thursday night, and, if approved, will go into effect by October.

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