Complaint: Canton man tattooed '[expletive] you,' his initials on underage girl

Complaint: Canton man tattooed '[expletive] you,' his initials on underage girl

MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - Officers with the Mineola Police Department arrested a 33-year-old Canton man earlier this week in connection to allegations that he tattooed a 16-year-old girl at a party.

The three tattoos included a red crescent moon, a black infinity symbol, and a black heart with the words "F--- you" above it and the initials, "J.A.M." below it.

John Andrew Masters Jr. was booked into the Wood County Jail on a Class A misdemeanor tattoos prohibited for certain persons charge. He has since posted bail on a $5,000 bond and has been released from the jail.

According to the complaint, a Mineola PD investigator reviewed the initial case report from one of the department's officers and then interviewed the 16-year-old victim. The girl told the investigator that she was at a party with a bunch of friends, and everyone had been drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking marijuana.

When the girl met Masters, he allegedly asked how old she was, and she replied that she was 16. The victim told the MPD investigator that she told Masters this before she consumed any drugs or alcohol, the complaint stated.

"[The victim] stated she does not remember a lot of details of what occurred on this night," the complaint stated. "[The victim] stated when she woke up, she observed three tattoos on her left side."

The tattoos included a red crescent moon on the left side of the girl's chest, a small, black infinity symbol on the front of her left hip, and a black heart with the words "F--- you" on her left buttock. That tattoo also had the initials, "J.A.M."

On July 18, Masters came to the Mineola Police Department to be interviewed by the investigator on the case. Masters told the investigator that he had temporarily been living at the home where the party took place, the complaint stated.

At the beginning of the interview, Masters allegedly said, "I am guilty for the tattoo. I will pay my dues. I was stupid for not getting an ID."

During the interview, Masters admitted to tattooing the girl three times, the complaint said. He also allegedly said the girl told him she was 18 and that he didn't request an ID because he trusted her.

"The defendant stated this incident started when she saw his tattoo equipment at the party and confronted him for some tattoos," the complaint stated. "The defendant said he tattooed [the victim] in a back room of the residence."

Masters told the investigator that the victim stood in front of him while he tattooed her, the complaint stated. He also allegedly said there were other juveniles in the room while he was tattooing the 16-year-old girl.

When the investigator asked why he tattooed "F--- you" on the defendant, Masters allegedly replied that it was the girl's idea to put the words above the heart.

In response to another question about why he tattooed his initials on the girl, Master's said, "It was stupid of me to do that," according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, the investigator interviewed all of the individuals involved in the incident and learned that several other juveniles also received tattoos at the same time. However, those juveniles told the investigator that they gave themselves the tattoos.

The investigator said in the complaint that he was unable to prove that Masters tattooed the other juveniles because he only admitted to putting the tattoos on the victim.

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