Brownsboro ISD spends $250,000 on security improvements for upcoming school year

Brownsboro ISD spends $250,000 on security improvements for upcoming school year

BROWNSBORO, TX (KLTV) - Brownsboro ISD is installing a quarter of a million dollars' worth of security systems before the new school year.

State-of-the-art cameras have been placed throughout each campus in Brownsboro.

"As a district and also nationally, we have taken steps to make sure our schools are safer," Brownsboro ISD Police Chief Chad Wilhelm says.

The school district has installed the "Raptor," a surveillance system that helps to alert the staff of registered sex offenders, manage custody issues and respond to emergencies. There are even emergency buttons in the system, for a quicker response time, labeled staff emergency, medical emergency, and active shooter.

"I get a text message, a voicemail, and an email instantly if something happens on campus," Wilhelm says.

The district's staff is now equipped with their own personal ID badges to get in and out of the school's doors.

"The doors remain shut and locked, if the doors stay ajar for a certain amount of time, it alerts me. It alerts other key staff if the doors are ajar," Wilhelm says.

The Brownsboro ISD police chief says the new systems protect the students from outside intrusions, but they avoid any danger within the classroom walls a different way.

"We do a lot of home visits and get to know the kids on a different level. A lot of times when we get to know kiddos, we can see some of those events that could potentially happen in the future and we try to nip those things in the bud and get the kid some counseling," Wilhelm says.

"We do feel a lot safer now and I really appreciate the state for doing that," Brownsboro 10th grader Arianna says.

The district has also implemented a phone app so that students can text school resource officers if they feel they are in danger.

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